Tom Cruise and Joseph Kosinski talk ‘Oblivion’


Universal Pictures invited me and some fellow journalists to an advance screening of their upcoming dystopian science fiction thriller Oblivion on Monday evening at AMC Aventura. The screening of the film, which I will be reviewing later this week, was followed by an interactive Q & A session with star Tom Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski, simulcast across nine other cities in the U.S.

Hosted by the Los Angeles Times’ terrific Hero Complex blog, the Q & A session comprised of Cruise and Kosinski talking about their movie, as well as answering questions put forth by audiences via Twitter from around the globe. Among the topics discussed during the Q & A were what drove Cruise to the project (Kosinski’s unique vision), his love for science fiction, being scared shitless while doing some of the stunts, his favorite science fiction movies, and humorously, how he still looks as good as he does after all these years.

For his part, Kosinksi, a soft-spoken guy, talked about working with Cruise, how the financing and backing for the film came through as soon as Cruise boarded the film, coming up with the idea for the story – the film was based on a graphic novel he wrote – as well as picking electronic music giant M83 to compose the film’s magnificent score. He also talked about why he chose Iceland as the location to bring the dystopian world to life, and how the actors made his work easier.

Click on the video below to view the whole interview. Oblivion opens in theaters this weekend.

Video Source: Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex


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