‘The Heat’ Short Take


The Heat is derivative, formulaic, extremely uneven, and at times seems like it’s just trying too damn hard. But when you have Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, Hollywood’s top two comediennes trading jabs at each other’s expense for 90 straight minutes, you can’t help but forgive everything else. The duo play rival cops, with vastly distinct M.O.s, one a New Yorker, the other a Boston gal, forced to work together to bring down a drug operation. As you’d expect, hijinks ensue, feelings are hurt, friends are made, and penises are shot. There’s nothing here what you haven’t seen before but the one-liners are clever, the set-ups are funny, the pay-offs even funnier, and the ride a blast. It doesn’t hold a candle to Bridesmaids, director Paul Feig’s previous raunchy comedy, but Bullock and McCarthy are so good together, it doesn’t matter.

The Heat is now playing at theaters all across the nation.


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