‘The To Do List’ Short Take


Quite possibly the raunchiest and funniest film of the year! The To-Do List stands as a refreshing piece of cinema not only because it portrays women to be just as, if not hornier than men, but because it’s able to be dirty and hilarious without resorting to any blatant objectification. More than just an American Pie for the ladies, this smart, witty and all-around hilarious 90s-set film from writer-director Maggie Carey revolves around Brandy (Aubrey Plaza), a straight A student determined to score her first F before she starts college in the fall. Hitting the sexual escapades with the same determination and dedication as she hits her books, Brandy soon learns that with great sexuality comes great responsibility. Well, not really. This is a hard-R comedy that doesn’t shy away from the raunchiness, and most surprising of all, doesn’t fall into the death trap of melodrama and kitsch.

The To Do List is now playing in theaters. It’s rated R for a lot of raunchy, gross and hilarious scenes of immaturity.


One response to “‘The To Do List’ Short Take

  1. Good review Reuben. Maybe for some, it was hilarious, but for me, it just tried too hard and didn’t have much to say about what it was trying to convey. It all just felt awkward and weird, sort of like high school itself, but just less realistic and more raunchy.

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