30 for 30: Back to the Future (1985)





With only two days left to go, there are just two people left to highlight. Instead of separating them, I’ll keep them together the way they’ve always been to me – my mom and dad. I’ve been trying to think of ways to write about them without going into the cliché “I love you mom,” “I love you dad” sentimental jargon but I can’t seem to figure it out how. So, I’m going to return the favor in the only way I know how. I’m just going to say Thank you! Thank you for raising me in your image. Thank you for gifting me with an education. Thank you for all the sacrifices. Thank you for being the bravest people I know. Thank you for always putting family first and standing behind the spotlight. Thank you for teaching me the importance of right, wrong, and of self-worth. Thank you for your encouragement, your love, and being there for me. Thank you for being a phone call away, making my decisions easier, and making me the man I am today. Oh, and thank you dad for having the courage to ask mom out to the dance in the first place.

Steven Spielberg. Robert Zemeckis. Michael J. Fox. Christopher Lloyd. The DeLorean. “When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re going to see some serious shit!” Back to the Future definitely had the pedigree behind it. But it’s not wiz bang visual effects and the star power, in front and behind the screen, that makes it a timeless classic, although that did help. No, what makes this movie an enduring favorite of millions of moviegoers worldwide is its heart, and story that champions the value of family and friendships.

I didn’t consider any other movie but if I did, they’d be The Color Purple, Brazil, Ran, The Purple Rose of Cairo, After Hours, Kiss of the Spider Woman, To Live and Die in L.A., The Breakfast Club, Prizzi’s Honor, and the cinematography of Out of Africa (that’s it – just the cinematography). I have left certain movies off because they don’t mean much to me the way these films do. You know which ones I’m talking about.


About 30-for-30

Movies are a huge part of my life – I mean, why else would I be running a blog/site devoted to movies? To commemorate the occasion of my 30th birthday (later this month), I’ll be counting down to the big day by posting a photo of my favorite movie for each year of the last 30 years I’ve survived on this planet. These aren’t my favorite 30 movies EVER but merely the movie I consider my favorite (or the best) of each year. This is my 30 for 30. Click here to see the other 30 for 30 posts.


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