ScreenGrabs: ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer Reveals a Dark and Ultra-Brooding World


“As you now know, devils don’t come from hell beneath us. They come from the sky.”

After being the latest highly anticipated sure-to-be- mega-blockbuster to have it’s trailer leak online before its official premiere, the first teaser trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (whew, that’s a mouthful) has finally made its official way online in glorious HD. A part of me wanted director Zack Snyder and company to wait it out until Monday and endure the barrage of premature negativity that it’s being slammed with since some nincompoop in Brazil leaked the trailer online late Thursday. But I guess the overlords at Warner Brothers preferred to nip it in the bud and release it today. Whether the official IMAX screenings of the trailer on Monday will be cancelled or not is left to be seen but I don’t see the point in attending an event just to watch a trailer that’s already officially available online.

Anyway, on to the actual trailer, right? The verdict: It’s… fine, I guess. I may have been more excited for it had Man of Steel not been a middling piece of destruction porn that turned Superman into Wreck-It-Ralph. It’s certainly not a bad teaser. It certainly is far more foreboding than I expected it to be… especially for a movie titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And the world they’re building around the eponymous heroes—a world where Superman is feared in some quarters, revered as a God in others—holds a lot of potential. I just hope Oscar-winning screenwriter Chris Terrio (Argo) who allegedly did a Page 1 rewrite of the film after Ben Affleck came on-board, was able to fix whatever mess David S. Goyer left the script in. The dialogue, at least in the voiceovers (I heard Holly Hunter, Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons) that run over most of the trailer, sounds interesting.

And now… on to the frames. Oh, and if you haven’t seen the trailer as yet: Here you go!



When it comes to managing their big budget properties, no studio does it better than Warner Brothers. This applies to every franchise they own, that is except their partnership with…


DC Comics. Save for Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise, it’s been a very, very, very long time since DC has put out something good. Man of Steel was supposed to be the beginning of something beautiful but look what happened. Will this be more of the same? I’m cautiously optimistic because of Terrio and Affleck. That’s it!


The first time we see a shot that we will keep returning to. Dusk in Metropolis… or is this Gotham? The Chicago skyline and Millennium Park suggests it may be the latter but… does this question really matter in the grand scheme of things? No.


Here’s Henry Cavill returning as Superman, surrounded by a mob, including a bunch of folks in Day of the Dead face paint. As the news reports voiceover hints at, he’s being revered as a God by a lot of people. And by the look on his face, it’s not something he’s comfortable with. On a side note, Henry Cavill is a very, very handsome man.


The second shot of that statue at what I shall now dub Metro-tham Millennium Park. It looks like the statue has a hand reaching up to something in the sky.


Wanna know how much I bench? How about a NASA rocket?


Shot three… notice how the floor lights are turning on around this. Perhaps it’s a revealing ceremony.


Looks like the idol worship extends to those in the armed forces too. Also, judging by the scale on the wall on the back, Cavill stands at little over 6’5.” That lucky bastard!


Back to the statue but it isn’t looking up into the sky. It seems to be… looking down and… kneeling?


A measly human reaching out to the “God” in the sky. I swear I’ve seen this panel in a Superman comic before but I can’t, for the life of me, remember which one. Bueller?


Finally! After a long build-up, here’s the statue. A sculpture of Superman in the vein of  Roman God defaced by non-believers.


Ben Affleck, looking suitably pensive and brooding as Bruce Wayne. Snyder seems to have taken a few tips in lighting from David Fincher.


And finally, the cape and the cowl. Brood away. Check out the fabric of the chest plate with the subtle outline of the Batman logo on it. And the relatively small ears on the cowl.


This looks like a temple of some kind. Perhaps it’s the Batcave? Maybe not but whatever it is, the graffiti suggests it’s been long abandoned.


Our first major reminder that we’re watching a Zack Snyder movie. Also, could this jet be the Bat-Wing?


Zack Snyder’s pre-negotiated “requisite explosions” shot.


The Batmobile! Doesn’t it look like the Tumbler from this angle?


Oh hello there little Batman! Step into the light so we may see you.


Dear Zack… Just because Christopher Nolan served as a producer on your previous movie, and handed you the reins of the DC Batman cinematic franchise doesn’t mean you should rip off shots from his movies too. This is near identical to this shot from The Dark Knight Rises.


Here’s Affleck’s Batman in what looks like a specialized wrought iron suit to take on Superman. How cool would it be if those night vision eyes had Kryptonite in them? Probably not very but in true Snyder fashion, it’s all about looking “cool!”


Guys… if you’re given a budget of over $250 million to make your sure-to-be-enormous superhero mega-blockbuster, why do you choose to shoot your pivotal fight scene in the dead of the night with a torrential downpour to muck things up? The Matrix Revolutions started it, Pacific Rim was allll about it, and here it is again. I understand pinning down the film noir look and that Batman works in the shadows and all but would it be asking too much to have some more light? Come on now!


“Do you bleed?”


“You will”

One final note: I’d like to think Supes finally learned his lesson from the destruction he caused in Man of Steel and decided to stage this “sure-to-be-pointless-but-ooh-awesome” fight in a deserted factory area, far away from downtown Metropolis. But I’m thinking it was probably Batman who picked the location for their date (“You been to Detroit, Superman?”). He was always the brains in the relationship anyway.


And here’s the logo we’ve all seen. And fade to title.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens worldwide on March 25, 2016.






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